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Current Significant Cases

  • Keo Ratha et al v. Phatthana Seafood Co., Ltd. et al - a federal lawsuit brought on behalf of seven victims of human trafficking against Thai and U.S. corporations who engaged in and benefited from forced labor.
  • Wang v. Chinese Daily News-A wage and hour class action successfully tried in federal court and currently on appeal before the Ninth Circuit.
  • Obaidullah v. Obama-A petition for writ of habeas corpus brought on behalf of a detainee held at Guantánamo Bay.
  • Rodriguez v. City of Los Angeles - A class action brought against the LAPD for relief from an unconstitutional curfew provision in the City's gang injunctions.
  • Holguin v. County of Los Angeles-An excessive force case brought on behalf of a former LA County jail inmate.
  • Pierce v. Orange County-A class action successfully challenging the conditions for disabled inmates at the Orange County jails.
  • Fazaga v. FBI - A class action brought against the FBI for unlawful targeting and surveillance of Muslims residing in LA and Orange County on account of their religion and religious practices.
  • Boudlal v. Disney-A religious discrimination and harassment case brought on behalf of a Muslim employee.

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