Los Angeles Race, National Origin & Religious Discrimination Lawyers

Southern California Attorney for Workplace Discrimination Claims

California state and U.S. federal employment laws are in place to protect people against discrimination based on their race, national origin or religious beliefs.

If you believe your employer has made biased decisions against you, and that those decisions were influenced by your color, ethnicity, speech or faith, we want to hear about it at Hadsell Stormer & Renick LLP. Time and again over the past several decades we have proven these claims and made a meaningful difference for people harmed by this unlawful and reprehensible treatment.

Opposing All Forms of Employment Discrimination

Have you been fired or denied promotion because of your race? Have you been subjected to name-calling, epithets or ethnic slurs in your workplace? Are you forbidden from wearing religious clothing that does not interfere with your work? Are you paid differently or otherwise treated differently than coworkers who do not share your personal background or characteristics?

These and other violations of employment law remain more pervasive than most people realize, and our attorneys have made taking action against them an enduring focus. You may be able to recover money for both your economic losses and emotional distress if we can prove your claims. Our successes in this area include obtaining:

  • A multimillion-dollar confidential settlement in 2003 for a salesperson wrongfully terminated because of race
  • A confidential settlement in 1997 of more than $1.2 million for a Latino employee wrongfully denied promotion

Countering Intimidation and Abuses of Power With Legal Action

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