Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

Leaders in California and International Human Rights Litigation

Our attorneys' work has had a major impact on the evolution of California and U.S. employment law, and also on civil and financial remedies for people harmed by rights violations. We are immersed in individual and class action lawsuits, education, and community-based efforts to advance what we strongly believe is the common good.

Time after time, in case after prominent, high-stakes case over the past several decades, our dedicated lawyers have battled with skill and passion to reward our clients' trust in us. For these efforts, we have consistently been ranked among the best in our fields by prominent legal publications and authorities.

Taking Action to Overcome Oppression, Exploitation and Injustice

Since our firm was founded in 1991, our lawyers have played a leading role in the recovery of many millions of dollars for people mistreated throughout California and around the world. Many of our employment law and human rights case successes have also compelled lasting social change.

Today our firm is more active and dynamic than ever, and our efforts continue to expand in scope. Our Los Angeles employment attorneys champion people harmed by sexual harassment and held back through employment discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age, orientation or disability.

We take on  consumer fraud and human rights regardless of their power and wealth — and this has led to triumphs over oil and aerospace companies, entertainment companies, giant corporate retailers and service companies, city governments, and other public and private entities.

Living Our Values and Making a Difference

At Hadsell Stormer & Renick LLP, we live our values and political views, which center on equal rights and fair treatment for all. Ultimately, we work to restore balance and humanity where both have been lost or severely compromised.

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