Landmark Cases

  • Doe v. Unocal-A seminal international case brought on behalf of Burmese villagers who were allegedly subjected to forced labor and other human rights abuses as a result of a pipeline built by Unocal and its joint venturers. (The pursuit of justice on behalf of this group of Burmese villagers was made into an award winning documentary, Total Denial.)
  • South Central Farmers v. City of Los Angeles-A case brought against the City of Los Angeles on behalf of over 300 low-income families in a struggle to preserve a 14-acre urban community garden in South Los Angeles. (The fight to save the garden was made into an academy award nominated documentary, The Garden.)
  • Martin v. Texaco- A failure-to-promote sex discrimination case which was successfully tried and resulted in the largest jury award of its kind at the time of verdict.
  • Allison v. City of Long Beach-One of the first sexual harassment and discrimination cases brought on behalf of female police officers which successfully challenged a police department's "code of silence." (This case was made into a TV-movie starring Melissa Gilbert, "With Hostile Intent.")

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