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Fighting For Enforcement Of Fair And Safe Housing Laws

Although federal and California state laws prohibit housing discrimination in many forms, such as discrimination based on race or marital status, violations of these laws are rampant.

At Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP, we are dedicated to decisive legal action to address the wrongs perpetrated by biased landlords. We have handled numerous housing discrimination claims, enabling tenants of all races and religions, and with all types of families, to stay in their homes.

Are you feeling threatened by the actions of your landlord? Call now to schedule a free consultation: 626-381-9261 or 866-457-2590. Our attorneys will act quickly to protect your rights.

Pioneers In Slumlord Litigation On Behalf Of Low-Income Victims

We work to actively expose failures to maintain safe, sanitary, habitable conditions in apartment complexes. Countless low-income individuals and families suffer consequences that include injury, disease and even wrongful death.

Our attorneys have been on the forefront of litigation in these important legal areas for several decades, extending back to partner Barbara Enloe Hadsell’s handling of the seminal 1983 slumlord litigation case Hernandez v. Stabach. In this case, she represented nearly 30 families living in a Los Angeles apartment complex plagued by serious disrepair and unsanitary conditions, including vermin infestation. In others, we have represented:

  • Over 100 tenants of an Echo Park area apartment building that collapsed after years of seriously neglected maintenance that enabled rot, mold and termite infestation, causing the death of one tenant and serious injuries to many others
  • 15 families forced to live in horrible conditions in an apartment building on Westlake Avenue in the MacArthur Park district — culminating in a $4.5 million mediated settlement, one of the largest payments ever to victims in a Los Angeles habitability case

Dedicated To Exposing Abuses And Fighting For Tenants’ Rights And Safety

Unethical landlords often spend as little money as possible on upkeep and repair. Racially prejudiced landlords can prevent tenants from finding the homes they need in an area with insufficient affordable housing. Decisive action is often necessary to make positive social change a reality. Our efforts to support the enforcement of fair and safe housing laws are a prime example of our values in action.

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