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Attorneys Combating Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Our founding attorneys, partners and entire legal team are united in the fight against workplace discrimination in all forms, perpetrated against any protected class. We have stayed on the leading edge of this important issue ever since our founding in 1991, and today we remain dedicated to seeking justice for people who suffer discrimination not only due to “traditional” sex/gender bias, but also to thoroughly evaluating and pursuing valid cases of:

  • Discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation, including violations of the workplace rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals
  • Refusal to hire LGBT individuals
  • Harassment and bullying based on sexual orientation in the workplace and in schools

On many occasions, we have succeeded in establishing that a hostile work environment was created and tolerated in violation of federal law, California state law or both. Learn more about your right to work in a safe and harassment-free work environment by calling 626-381-9261 or 866-457-2590.

Breaking Legal Ground And Advancing Positive Social Change

Our commitment level and innovative, relentless approach to case building have fueled victories via settlement or jury verdict against entertainment companies, law enforcement agencies, large multinational corporations and even a Southern California school district, among other public entities. A settlement reached with the Newport-Mesa Unified School District provided for extensive mandatory training on maintaining a safe, nondiscriminatory environment for all students regardless of gender, sexual preference, orientation or status.

We have successfully represented gay, lesbian and transgender individuals who have been harassed or terminated due to their status. Recently, we obtained a settlement of over $1 million for a gay employee who suffered harassment and wrongful termination. If your employer has treated you unfairly because of your sexual preference, we want to help.

Exposing Unlawful Employment Practices

Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP, is a proven, longstanding resource for victims of discrimination. We treat every potential client with respect, and we understand that your objectives almost certainly involve protecting your privacy, loved ones and future as well as exposing the unlawful practices of an employer.

For a free evaluation of your potential employment law, civil rights or class action case, we invite you to contact us.