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Men in California could suffer workplace discrimination

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), more men are filing discrimination claims against their employers. The reason for the spike in workplace discrimination suits is tied to the fact that more men are choosing to take on a care giving role for children as well as disabled or ill family members. While this social shift is clearly demonstrated in a range of statistical data, California workplaces have been slow to adapt to the change.

Wrongful termination suit suggests harassment, retaliation

When an employee is subjected to mistreatment within a California workplace, it can be difficult to know how to react. Many fear that speaking out will lead to retaliatory action or even dismissal. In some cases, the offensive behavior may be so ingrained into the culture of the company that individuals can feel uncomfortable making a complaint. Many times, employees do not feel that they are able to effectively fight back until the situation ends in termination. Once fired, a wrongful termination suit allows for the opportunity to bring the questionable treatment before a court of law.

California trucking company settles workplace discrimination suit

No worker should have to endure workplace discrimination. U.S. law guarantees citizens religious freedom and the right to a harassment-free workplace. Recently, a company operating six trucking depots in California agreed to settle workplace discrimination charges for $630,000.

Woman sues California business for workplace discrimination

A former employee of Disney Corp. has filed a suit in federal court. In her complaint, the woman alleges that she was subject to workplace discrimination due to Disney's refusal to allow her to wear a head scarf while she worked. This refusal, according to the California woman, constituted workplace discrimination, which resulted in her leaving her job.

Man sues Merced County, alleges workplace discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace not only can affect one's job performance, but a person's emotional state as well. Unfortunately, even though many are aware of the harm caused by workplace discrimination, it nonetheless continues in both public and private places of employment. One San Francisco man has filed a lawsuit making such a claim against the Merced County Sheriff's Department, alleging that he was fired by the department because he is gay.

Wrongful termination lawsuit filed against California bank

California is no stranger to workplace discrimination cases. Now, a former employee of the La Costa branch of Union Bank has filed a lawsuit claiming that the bank is guilty of harassment and age discrimination, which, she alleges, led to her wrongful termination.

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