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Name calling in the workplace can be actionable

The old saying “sticks and stones may break by bones, but names will never hurt me” may not apply in the employment law context. After all, name calling can create psychological trauma and may even be the legal basis for a Title VII discrimination suit.

What to do about being bullied in the workplace

There are a number of federal and state laws that work to protect employees from discriminatory actions based on race, gender or religion. While it appears that many employers know this (despite their actions or inaction in preventing such behavior) workplace bullying appears to be just as pervasive as it has ever been.

The basics of religious dress in the workplace

The improving economy is being manifested through a growing job market. In numbers not seen since the last depression, businesses are hiring employees from diverse backgrounds. This trend is being seen not only in the employment sector, but also in the construction industry as more multifamily projects are being approved.

Could drug and alcohol polices work against job applicants?

While the March jobs report showed promise in the improving economy, there are still scores of people unemployed who may not get the right opportunity at the right time. Indeed, timing is everything when it comes to finding the perfect job, but many times otherwise qualified candidates may be passed over because of their criminal pasts.

Don't we all wish we could be Adam LaRoche?

The story of Adam LaRoche retiring because the Chicago White Sox asked him to limit the amount of time his son spent with the team in the locker room is intriguing on a number of levels. On the one hand, it is encouraging that a star athlete would want to spend so much time with his son. It is also promising that a father would go to such lengths to stand up for his child, especially when it comes to having your child at the workplace.

What pregnant job seekers and employees should know

Indeed, the February jobs report suggests that the national economy is headed in the right direction. With more than 220,000 jobs added in February, it is expected that the job market will increase as spring takes hold. This arguably means that more people will be entering the job market, and more people will be taking part-time jobs.

What employees should know about the Zika virus

The Zika virus, a disease linked to birth defects, has garnered headlines in the past few weeks because of how it may become an epidemic. It is reportedly transmitted through mosquito bites and has been linked to several South American countries. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged women planning on getting pregnant to avoid travelling to nearly a dozen countries in the southern hemisphere.

Top handbook revisions for 2016

As we have noted in prior posts, the job market is expected to improve throughout the year, which means that employers will continue to hire new employees as their needs increase. Because of this, employee handbooks will likely be updated and workers will need to understand how new policies affect them. This post will highlight the most common updates to handbooks in 2016.

How older workers can overcome employment myths

As we noted in a prior post, the job market is expected to improve as the economy improves. Indeed, this remains to be seen, and January’s job report will be presented soon. But assuming that the job market improves, it is likely that more people over the age of 40 will be entering the market.

Questions that job interviewees should be aware of

For all the doom and gloom that has come with the stock market this year so far, one bright spot has been ignored. Hiring for December was better than expected, and the overall growth with regard to hiring through 2015 signifies that the employment market is changing for the better.

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