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A look at how modern-day racism affects minority employees

When residents in the Los Angeles area hear the word racism, images from the civil rights movement of the 1960s often spring to mind. Modern forms of racism, however, are often much more subtle and frequently arise more from helping certain individuals over others. Regardless of how acts of racism are expressed or carried out, all serve to ultimately harm individuals of a certain and often minority race or culture.

CNN named in workplace discrimination lawsuit

The United States was established by individuals seeking more personal freedom. Today, millions of men and women of all ages, races, income brackets and sexual orientations enjoy these freedoms and live and work throughout the country. Many of these individuals have at one time or another faced some sort of discrimination. In cases where an individual reports suffering discrimination in the workplace, legal action may be appropriate.

Women files gender discrimination lawsuit after discovering male colleague's salary

In recent years, issues related to gender discrimination and salary discrepancies between U.S. men and women have been the topic of much debate. According to the White House, despite the fact that women make up nearly 50 percent of the U.S. workforce, they earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. While the Obama administration has taken steps to reinforce measures set force in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and close the pay gap between U.S. male and female workers, the problem still persists.

When it comes to religious beliefs, employers would be wise to be more accommodating

The United States has long been revered as a country where individuals are free to express their opinions and beliefs. Today people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and religions live and work in the U.S. The changing face of American society is reflected in workplaces across the country as people of differing ages, faiths and ethnic backgrounds work side by side.

Employer forces pregnant woman to return from maternity leave prior to child's birth

For an expectant mother, pregnancy should be a time when physical and emotional stressors are limited to ensure for the health and wellbeing of both mother and unborn child. Many expecting mothers experience complications during their pregnancies that may warrant a doctor to order restrictions on certain activities such as lifting or standing. In some cases, a woman's attempts to follow her doctor's orders result in her experiencing job discrimination and even wrongful termination.

Walmart sued by former employee for age discrimination

In previous decades, the age of a worker equated to experience and employees age 40 and older were typically highly regarded and well compensated. In recent years, economic troubles coupled with a growing reliance on new technologies, has resulted in many companies favoring young and hungry college graduates who will work for entry-level pay and are often more tech savvy.

Discrimination lawsuit filed after years of painful comments and actions

Every employee has a right to a safe workplace which is free of harassment, violence and discrimination. In fact, employers who either condone or engage in discriminatory actions against an employee may find themselves the subject of an employment discrimination lawsuit.

EEOC releases new guidance on religious discrimination at work

One of the most controversial forms of workplace discrimination today involves attire worn by individuals of faith. Many workplace discrimination claims have been filed in recent years against major companies which would not hire, would not promote or otherwise engaged in religious discrimination against individuals compelled to wear the attire required by their religious doctrines.

Pregnant workers are still regularly discriminated against

For numerous short-sighted reasons, pregnant women are still regularly discriminated against in the American workplace. This seems like a particularly odd form of discrimination given that pregnancy is temporary and the majority of pregnant women require few reasonable accommodations, if any.

Current gender pay gap differs by job and by state

There has been a great deal of discussion lately in the media, in Congress and in general about the minimum wage. President Obama recently announced that he will soon seek to raise the minimum wage via executive order for workers associated with federal contract jobs. In addition, many individuals and organizations are pushing for a significant hike to the minimum wage in general.

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