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Legal protection for employees who report an employer's illegal activities

Upon being hired, an employee is often required to go through training. Some training courses relate to an employee's specific job responsibilities while others may pertain to company policies including business ethics and codes of conduct. Employees are expected to abide by certain codes of conduct to avoid any ethical and legal issues.

Where you wrongfully terminated?

Anyone who has ever been fired or let go from a place of employment likely feels wronged in some way. The vast majority of employment relationships in the U.S. are at-will, meaning that an employer can choose to dismiss an employee from his or her position at virtually any time and for any reason provided it is valid and does not violate employment laws.

Can an employee who is fired file a wrongful termination lawsuit?

The relationship between an employer and employee is one that, throughout history, has been the subject of much examination and debate. Thankfully, today numerous laws exist that help protect the rights of employees with regard to workplace safety, discrimination, harassment and fair wages. In cases where an employer violates one or more of these types of employment laws and subsequently terminates an employee, legal action may be appropriate.

What legally constitutes as wrongful termination?

For many U.S. workers, a job not only provides much-needed income, but also a sense of self-esteem, accomplishment and purpose. Often, a job becomes part of an individual's identity and co-workers become trusted colleagues and close friends. For individuals who have been fired or terminated from a job, the financial impact coupled with the blow to an individual's self esteem and psyche can be devastating. This is especially true in cases where an individual's termination is sudden and without warning or just cause.

Amid claims of wrongful termination, labor unions take aim at McDonald's Corp.

Labor unions play an important role in our democratic society. For years, unions have been advocating for and protecting employees when it comes to workplace safety, employee benefits and fair wages. There is power in numbers and labor unions provide a voice for employees whose concerns would otherwise fall on deaf ears and go unaddressed. Given the purpose and power of U.S. labor unions, it's no surprise that some corporations and businesses discourage or ban employees from forming them.

Citing age discrimination, Twitter employee files wrongful termination lawsuit

For individuals over the age of 40, the Internet was still in its infancy stages while many were attending college. For twenty-somethings, however, the Internet was an integral part of their childhood and their generation has played a major role in developing new and innovative ways to communicate and succeed in the digital age. It makes sense, therefore, that qualified and educated twenty-somethings are highly sought after by many technology and Internet companies.

'Storage Wars' wrongful termination lawsuit OK-ed by judge

For those who are not fans of the show, "Storage Wars," which airs on the A&E channel, is a reality show that follows the auctioning of storage units that are no longer being paid for. One former cast member of the show, however, claims it is rigged.

Professor denied tenure files wrongful termination lawsuit

You don't have to be entrenched in academia to know that being awarded tenure is both an honor and an expectation for instructors from elementary school to college. Tenure offers security to teachers, enabling them to make solid financial plans due to a more stable, long-term contract. It can also ensure that they won't be immediately terminated simply for expressing viewpoints that may be in opposition to their employer's.

CBS LA Airs Segment on Glen Ivy cases brought by HSRR

Attorneys Dan Stormer and Cindy Panuco, are representing women who were harassed, discriminated and retaliated against by Glen Ivy spa after becoming pregnant and returning to work from maternity leave. As the July 30th trial date nears, more attention is being drawn to this case and what it could represent for working women everywhere.

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