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Parmar v. Ziba Beauty Centers, Inc.

HSRR currently represents employees in a class action lawsuit against Ziba Beauty Center, Inc. Ziba owns and operates twelve or more beauty salons in the Los Angeles area. Ziba has had many well known Hollywood stars as clients. The proposed class is made up of beauticians, threaders, and other employees who work in these salons.

Plaintiffs allege, among other things, that Ziba Beauty Center failed to properly calculate and pay their employees overtime compensation as required by the California Labor Code, failed to provide meal and rest periods, failed to pay compensation required by the California Labor Code for missed meal and rest periods, failed to pay employees who resigned or were terminated the wages due to them at the time they left their employment, failed to properly calculate and pay the minimum wage as required by the Labor Code, and failed keep accurate records as required by law.

You can view the complaint here.

You can view our class action press release here.

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