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Partner Cornelia Dai Appointed Co-Chair of CELA's Wage and Hour Committee

Cornelia Dai, a partner at HSRR, was recently appointed Co-Chair of the California Employment Lawyers Association's ("CELA") Wage & Hour Committee along with Aaron Kaufmann. Ms. Dai was nominated by the outgoing chairs and unanimously approved by the Board. CELA is a statewide organization of attorneys representing employees in termination, discrimination, wage and hour, and other employment cases. Its Wage & Hour Committee provides resources to its members to enable them to effectively pursue wage and hour claims on behalf of their clients. Through annual seminars and conference breakouts, the committee educates members about class action litigation and works closely with the Amicus Committee to avoid negative published opinions and support positive published opinions to advance the rights of workers.

Employer forces pregnant woman to return from maternity leave prior to child's birth

For an expectant mother, pregnancy should be a time when physical and emotional stressors are limited to ensure for the health and wellbeing of both mother and unborn child. Many expecting mothers experience complications during their pregnancies that may warrant a doctor to order restrictions on certain activities such as lifting or standing. In some cases, a woman's attempts to follow her doctor's orders result in her experiencing job discrimination and even wrongful termination.

Walmart sued by former employee for age discrimination

In previous decades, the age of a worker equated to experience and employees age 40 and older were typically highly regarded and well compensated. In recent years, economic troubles coupled with a growing reliance on new technologies, has resulted in many companies favoring young and hungry college graduates who will work for entry-level pay and are often more tech savvy.

Teen workers bear deep scars from of sexual harassment

Whether by choice or out of financially necessity, many teens in the U.S. work part-time or full-time jobs. Many are also victims of sexual harassment and discrimination which often goes unreported. At any age, sexual harassment experienced on the job can adversely impact a worker psychologically, emotionally and financially. However, the results of a recent study indicate that, for teenage workers, the negative impact of sexual harassment may be more pervasive and long term.

Taxi drivers take legal action to gain employee status

Whether white, yellow or every shade in between, taxi cabs are a staple in most major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles. Each year, millions of city residents and visitors rely upon taxis for transportation needs. Yet, for many individuals who make a living driving taxi cabs, wages earned during a 12 or 14 hour shift make it difficult to provide for oneself much less a family.

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