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Significant Past Settlements And Verdicts

This page lists our past case results. To find out what our attorneys can do for you, schedule a free consultation with us. Call now at 626-381-9261 (Pasadena), 866-457-2590 (toll-free statewide) or send an email to get in touch.


Budlal v. Disney.

Case involving religious accommodation at Disneyland resolved to the parties’ mutual satisfaction (2014).

Martin v. Texaco Refining and Marketing, Inc. (C 613 044)
Sex discrimination case on behalf of woman denied a promotion at Texaco. Trial initially resulted in verdict of $20.3 million in 1991; on remand after new trial was granted, case went back to trial and settled for confidential sum (1995).

Settlement on behalf of salesperson wrongfully terminated based on race — $3.4 million (2003).

Mosleh v. City of El Segundo (YC 025 903)
Case by two employees of the City who were harassed and discriminated against because of their gender and race. Case settled for $1.33 million (1999).

Tostado v. City of Los Angeles
Wrongful demotion of police sergeant based upon gender discrimination — $1.3 million (2003).

Settlement of case involving failure to promote Latino employee — $1.2 million (1997).

Arbitrators award of over $1.1 million for discrimination (2004).

Bonsangue v. ADP (644365)
Verdict in age discrimination case of over $1 million (1993).

$990,000. A disability discrimination lawsuit involving a long time employee who was “laid off” when her MS symptomatology became uncomfortable for her employer.

Lopez v. City of Alhambra (BC 209 442)
Latina police sergeant sued city of Alhambra for failure to promote her because of her sex and race. Case settled for approximately $800,300, plus a retroactive promotion to lieutenant (2000).

Cameron v. City of Los Angeles (CV 95-2127 WMB (JGx))
Case by four female firefighters alleging sexual discrimination and harassment against the Los Angeles Fire Department. Case settled for $795,000 (2000).

Settlement of a sex/pregnancy discrimination case against a music publishing company — $450,000 (2009).


Steffens v. Regus Group PLC (08 CV 1494 LAB WVG)
Jury verdict of $4,646,252 against property management giant Regus, for retaliatory firing its general manager in a San Diego facility after she reported break and overtime violations (2013).

Arbitrator’s award of $770,000 million for retaliation against person complaining of discrimination (2004).

Schell v. City of Los Angeles (CV 00-01454 FMC (RZx))
Lawsuit filed on behalf of civilian employee of Los Angeles Police Department who was transferred and then fired for refusing to change her testimony in a prior lawsuit. Trial resulted in $4.3 million verdict for plaintiff (2001).

Wysinger v. Automobile Club of Southern California (01132996)
Jury verdict and attorney’s fees of over $2.85 million for retaliation and failure to engage in the interactive process with disabled employee (2006).

Retaliation for whistleblowing — $1.2 million (2004).

$1.1 million settlement against public entity on behalf of three plaintiffs who alleged retaliation for prior complaints and/or support for the others’ complaints of discrimination (2009).

Bardzik v. Orange County Sheriff’s Department & Michael Carona (SA CV07-141-JVS (RNBx))
Historic $950,000 settlement against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and former Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona for violating Bardzik’s First Amendment freedom of speech rights by retaliating against him for supporting Carona’s opponent in the election for sheriff. Not only did HSRR secure a published decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upholding Bardzik’s claims and finding that Carona was not entitled to qualified immunity but the settlement of $950,000 is one of the largest settlements of its kind in the history of Orange County (2012).

Blair v. City of Pomona (CV 96-6416-RSWL)
Case by police officer who was retaliated against for his role in bringing forward allegations of police misconduct. Settled for $635,000 and returned to job (2001).

Confidential settlement: $600,000 settlement against a bankrupt defendant. A race and national origin discrimination, harassment and retaliation lawsuit involving one of the company’s top performers who was terminated for “poor performance” after reporting race and national origin discrimination and harassment (2012).

Sexual Harassment

Allison v. City of Long Beach (CV 89-3240 RG (JRx))
Case filed by two female Long Beach police officers who had been sexually harassed. Case resulted in $4 million verdict for plaintiffs (1991).

A workplace sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit involving a gay male who was terminated from his employment after complaining to the owners of graphic harassment by the owners against himself, based on his sexual orientation, and other employees based on sex and race. Settled on the eve of trial for $1.3 million.

Settlement of sexual harassment case against a national law firm — $1.1 million (1998).

Settlement of sexual harassment case against a television company — $870,000 (1997).

Confidential settlement: $800,000 settlement in a sexual harassment, retaliation case brought on behalf of a female working in the male-dominated aerospace industry (1995).

Vitale v. City of Long Beach (BC 126 134)
Female city prosecutor alleged sexual discrimination and harassment by male prosecutors. Settled for $750,000 (1996).

Draper v. USC
Draper v. USC: A sexual harassment, retaliation, failure to tenure case brought on behalf of a female professor, Draper v. USC, settled for $550,000 (1997).

Doe v. Newport-Mesa Unified School District
Settlement of claims for sexual orientation and sexual discrimination and harassment, providing for extensive mandatory training for school administrators, teachers, and staff on the harmful impacts of discrimination and harassment and how to maintain a safe and nondiscriminatory learning environment for all students (2009).

General/Other Employment

USW v. Conoco Philips (CV08-2068 PSG).

$15.5 million settlement on behalf of refinery workers who weren’t provided required meal breaks (2013).

Settlement on behalf of investment broker wrongfully terminated — $9 million (2000).

$5 million in employment law (2010).

Settlement on behalf of commissioned sales people wrongfully terminated in order to avoid payment of sales commissions — $3.2 million (2001).

Settlement of wage claims and punitive damages for refusal to pay under employment terms — $1.6 million (2001).

Hail v. DPSS
Settlement during trial of a due process denial for a provider of developmental services — $1.4 million (1991).

Troffer v. United States
Judgment for over $1 million based upon a denial of due process for firefighters wrongfully denied access to their jobs (1986).

Ruiz v. Jackson, SC076090
Jury verdict of $825,000 on behalf of Philippine plaintiff brought to Los Angeles and forced to work 18 hours per day while captive in defendants’ home. Prevailed on all claims, including false imprisonment, fraud, assault, battery and negligence against defendants, one of whom was a lawyer and executive at Sony Pictures (2004).

$800,000 in employment law (2011).

Arbitrator’s award of $800,000 for wrongful termination (2004).

Civil Rights

Former Men’s Central Jail Inmate v. Los Angeles County.

Settlement of $475,000 from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for civil rights violations involving excessive force at the Men’s Central Jail (2013).

Doe v. DPSS
Court rules that state must give $25 million to private nonprofit because of due process denials in grant process (1998).

Compton v. Baca
$14 million paid for denial of civil rights to citizen wrongfully deprived of property (1991).

Aichele v. City of Los Angeles (CV 12-10863-DMG-FFMx)
Settlement of $2.45 million with the city of Los Angeles for unconstitutional detainee practices against 300 protestors, journalists and bystanders.

A habitability case brought on behalf of 11 Latino families living in an apartment building in the Echo Park area which collapsed in the middle of the night, settled for in excess of $4.75 million (2003).

Flores v. Stern (BC 356138)
Fifteen families received more than $4.5 million to settle a lengthy habitability suit against the current and former landlords of an apartment building at 721 Westlake Avenue, in the MacArthur Park district of the Los Angeles, who allowed the property to fall into egregious disrepair (2009).

Zinzun v. City of Los Angeles (C 750 203)
Unlawful use of police resources in order to create a false public image of prior Black Panther running for public office. The trial resulted in a verdict of $3.84 million (1991).

Henry v. JAMS/Endispute, Inc. (BC 171 321)
Breach of contract action by retired Judge Dana Senit Henry against JAMS. Plaintiff won nearly $600,000 in a case heard by referee (1998).

Class Actions

In Re Dynamic Random Access Memory Antitrust Litigation (MDL 1486)
Antitrust class action on behalf of consumers and business consumers of dynamic random access memory (DRAM). The case settled for more than $330 million (2007).

Vitamin Cases (J.C.C.P. No. 4076)
Antitrust class action on behalf of California consumers of vitamins. The case was settled for $96 million (2003).

Flores v. Albertsons, Inc.
$22.4 million settlement of class action lawsuit against the three major supermarket chains in California, Albertsons, Ralph’s and Safeway (Vons), for failing to pay their janitors the state minimum wage or the required premium for overtime (2005).

Pinney v. Great Western Bank (CV 95-2110 IH)
Settlement of class action against Great Western for fraudulent sales practices for approximately $16.2 million (1996).

USW v. Conoco Philips.

$15.5 million settlement in class action by refinery workers who were not provided required meal breaks (2013).

Wang v. Chinese Daily News (CV 04-1498 CBM (JWJx))
Jury verdict and court awarded damages and penalties of $5.1 million in wage and hour class action on behalf of class of 200 hourly employees (2008).

Hernandez v. Tyco International (US) Inc. (BC315749)
Represented class of 450 hourly production employees with claims for unpaid overtime, meal and rest break violations. Settlement of $4.9 million (2008).

Diaz v. Ampco
Represented class of parking attendants for alleged wage and hour violations, including the failure to provide meal and rest breaks and to pay minimum wage and overtime compensation. Settlement of $4.7 million (2012).

In re California Polychloroprene Cases (J.C.C.P. 4376–2006)
Statewide class on behalf of indirect purchasers for polychloroprene. The matter settled for in excess of $4.5 million, with more than $3 million contributed to California environmental groups (2006).

$3.7 million settlement against large service provider (2010).

Avery v. OCTA.

$3 million settlement and extensive injunctive relief on behalf of plaintiffs who were assessed excessive and unreasonable fines for nonpayment of Orange County toll penalties (2009).

Trujillo v. City of Ontario
City of Ontario, California, agrees to pay $2.75 million to settle class action right to privacy case brought by HSRR and the ACLU. Police officers had been videotaped without their knowledge or consent (2009).

Levitan v. TV Fanfare Media Inc. (BC 241713)
Wage and hour class action case representing class of individuals misclassified as independent contractors. $1.85 million settlement (2004).

Rogers v. Weyerhaeuser Corp. (CV-05-06076 NM)
Obtained settlement of $1.5 million on behalf of 125 hourly employees for meal and rest break and overtime violations (2006).