• I will thank them all into infinity!
    I am eternally grateful to the law office of Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP.  It was a gift from GOD that the universe brought me to them and they helped me.  They were so kind, intelligent, and experienced in law.  Dan Stormer, Brian Olney, Tanya Sukhija-Cohen, and Lisa Keller were all superstars!  Going through the process of a lawsuit is not easy as it is very stressful but they walked me through step by step with care and I felt heard.  I will thank them all into infinity!!! - K. B.
  • We were clients of Hadsell, Stormer, Renick Law group. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job Barbara and the whole team did in reaching a settlement with our case. She was able to explain complex legal issues in a way that we could understand. I would recommend Barbara to anyone for civil right issues.

    - Gary and Jasmin (former clients)
  • If you need legal advice or representation, look no further.

    My name is James Mayfield Jr. In 2013 my son Joshua Mayfield was discovered in his jail cell at Sacramento County Jail in a prone position with a broken neck unable to move. Joshua was mentally ill due to a serious brain injury during a High School Football game. His cognitive abilities never fully returned. Joshua had seizures and required medical and mental health care. Joshua’s legal rights and constitutional rights had been trampled on by the local authorities and the Sheriff's Deputies.

    Joshua was 18 years old when he walked into Sacramento County Jail. He came out on a stretcher. Never able to walk again.

    Events or cases like Joshua’s are hard to prove or prosecute in the courts. Our search for legal representation was an arduous process as we met with many law firms only to be disappointed.

    Finally, through an attorney friend, we were introduced to Hadsell & Stormer. It was to our good fortune that Barbara Hadsell and Dan Stormer compassionately took our case. They and their team effectively investigated our case, and they diligently pursued the oppressors. The firm’s attention to detail as far as I could tell was impeccable. Barbara and Dan managed the case professionally and put tremendous effort and resources into getting it right. This required many hours of preparation. They prepared and executed all necessary motions, depositions, court appearances, etc.

    The Hadsell & Stormer team prepared our case and presented it in Federal Court. Right before the beginning of my son’s trial in Federal Court, the County settled the case. I credit the settlement to the strategy and attention to detail that Barbara, Dan and their team had given in preparation for the trial. In effect, the results of the settlement restored my son’s dignity in society. I am extremely confident that if you are fortunate that Hadsell & Stormer takes your case, they will pursue it diligently and do an excellent job for you.

    - The Mayfields
  • For many years I worked for an employer who tolerated and subjected me to a hostile work environment which eventually led to an incident that forever changed my life and who I am today. In order to heal I needed help. I needed an attorney.

    I called a very well-known attorney in employment law from one of the most distinguished law firms in the country, an attorney who had previously resolved a claim with myself and my employer and several of my co-workers. Doing the interview process, that attorney informed me that his firm decided that my claim had merit but it was a case they could not accept at the time. “I will give you the name of another law firm and they are quite good”, he said.

    That firm was Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai,. Needless to say I was a little disappointed but I did call and make an appointment with an attorney at Hadsell Stormer. Little did I know how much my life would change. The details of the decision to take my case should best be saved for a book. This firm changed my life.

    Barbara Hadsell eventually became the lead attorney on my case. I must say I just love her. No one worked harder than her, no one traveled more miles than her, from her office to Century City to the Frozen Tundra of Omaha, Nebraska on the weekend. No one pushed me harder than her to provide any assistance necessary to resolve my claim. She inspired me; I wanted to be a great client. I often enjoyed visits to her office. Everyone there knew me. It was like visiting family. Attorney Dan Stormer and a host of other assistants worked with Barbara and of course the paralegals, who spent numerous hours on the phone with me always asking for more information. I often thought everyone was working on my case. My case was resolved to my satisfaction but the relationships with the firm and Barbara and the people who work there will last a lifetime.

    - Larry F.
  • The stars aligned when Barbara Hadsell became my Attorney regarding a discriminatory wrongful termination suit. I knew I was in great hands, based on the reactions of other Attorneys, when I mentioned that Hadsell Stormer were representing me.

    Barbara and her amazing team worked tirelessly to find out every piece of information that would help my case. Barbara is incredibly creative, clever, curious and wise. Hadsell Stormer won every step of the way until ultimately a settlement was reached.

    I will be forever grateful to Barbara. She turned a very daunting and stressful situation into a very interesting and rewarding experience.

    - Marty W.
  • Unfortunately, I was wrongfully terminated from several companies, during my 35 year Corporate Executive career... Fortunately, both times, I had the law firm of Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP as my legal counsel.

    Dan Stormer is simultaneously respected by his peers and feared by opposing counsel. It was comical to observe my initial threat of a lawsuit be labeled as frivolous, only to watch those same individuals pleading for settlement rather than go to court and face Mr. Stormer and his excellent assembled team of Brian Olney and Cornelia Dai, whose competence, passion, and drive were both assuring and infectious.

    A word to the wise for any prospective plaintiff: You may have a very strong case and if the judicial system was completely blind and fair, you would have a high probability of getting justice. Well guess what? ... As an American of African descent, I can assure you that the judicial system is not completely blind nor fair and your legal representation will disproportionately determine the justice you receive (sorry about that).

    When you fight for what is right, you got a better chance for getting what is fair...

    To assure your best possible legal outcome, I strongly recommend you retain the legal services of Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP....

    I got my justice and all I can legally say is "... The matters have been resolved..."

    - Keno V. Thomas
  • If you are looking for good humans that will brings justice to light these are your guys. They treated me like family. The found all the needles in the haystack and expose it. Picking them to represent us made it easy to sleep at night. Their wisdom and knowledge was beyond powerful and my wife and I will forever be grateful. Thanks guys!!!! - Joel Stallworth
    Los Angeles, CA
  • To Entire Law Firm, especially Shaleen and David-Thank you for the dedication, commitment and faith you had in my case. At times it was daunting and overwhelming but your commitment and brilliant lawyering on my behalf allowed me to get justice and resolve to move forward. I am forever grateful to everyone at the firm. Gracias, Adam - Adam A
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Without the help of Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai and more specifically Brian Olney and David Washington my family and I would never have had the closure on the wrongful death of my brother. During one of the most painful times in our lives these attorneys rose to the occasion and spent thousands of hours making sure we had the justice my brothers life deserved. Thank you from the bottom of heart for being a caring, compassionate, competent law firm. My family and I will be forever grateful.

    - Alicia J.
  • My family will be forever grateful for the truth and the measure of accountability. Brian Olney, David Washington and Dan Stormer were the key foundation to the success of this case. Definitely an amazing team.

    - Pamela S.
  • When I was a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against my company Randy and Cornelia were by my side every step of the way. They came down to my local union for meetings to answer questions from the membership and explained each step of the process. I can’t tell you how many phone calls, texts and emails they returned with answers to my questions at all hours. They never talked down to me and I am grateful for all their work. - Michelle K.
  • My family will be forever grateful to this law firm, particularly Dan Stormer. Dan represented us in a contentious and difficult case. When Dan agrees to represent you, just trust that he will do his absolute best. Our case had the most optimal outcome thanks to his talent and reputation. I myself witnessed the opposing counsel's visible fear of dealing with Dan Stormer and that in itself was worth it.

    Dan Stormer is highly respected in the civil rights field. He represented Guantanamo detainees, the Irvine 11, homeless residents of LA, and others. Dan always stands on the right side of justice. We greatly admire him and will be forever grateful to him!

    To us, he is the best of the best!

    A special shoutout to his awesome staff, especially Tammy and Carrie! - Ani M.
  • The top wage and hour class action lawyer in California. Randy has obtained countless multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for his clients. He's smart, tenacious and cares for his clients - qualities that are too often lacking in the legal profession. I highly endorse Randy. - Scott (co-counsel)
  • Mr. Renick achieves tremendous results for his clients, but he also is very generous in supporting the local community--I highly endorse him. - Christopher (co-counsel)
  • Estimados señores, tengo el gusto de dirigirme a ustedes, para agradecerles por la inmensa ayuda legal y patrocinio para obtener mi ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos, así como también agradecer a las personas por recordarme con las continuas notificaciones y el haber realizado el seguimiento para cumplir con este deseo. Sin su ayuda no hubiese sido posible realizar este sueño, hoy que se ha cumplido con este objetivo, mis posibilidades se ampliaran y sé que tendré mayores oportunidades para continuar con mis propósitos. Agradezco de manera especial a la Doctora Isela Barrios, Valeria de Gonzalez, Ricardo Parada, Cynthia Vasquez, Katy Hetherington y a todas las demás personas que componen el Legal Fund Hadsell Stormer Renick. Atentamente. - Ángel
    Categories: Legal Fund
  • Thank you to everyone for making my dreams come true! - Antonio
    Categories: Legal Fund
  • Trabajo para el Beverly Wilshire Hotel. El servicio que recibí fue excelente. Muchísimas gracias. - T.C.
    Categories: Legal Fund
  • Tuve una cita con la señorita Nancy y la señorita recepcionista Cinthya. No más entre me dio una sonrisa. Me saludo y me dijo que tomara asiento e inmediatamente me paso con la señorita Nancy. No espere nada de tiempo. Me atendieron muy amablemente y me contesto todas las preguntas que les hice. Muchas gracias por atenderme. El señor me las bendiga. Son todas profesionales. Gracias.

    - Olga
    Categories: Legal Fund
  • This is a great benefit. Thanks for making this so easy. - E.K.
    Categories: Legal Fund
  • Hi Nancy, you’ll never believe it, but I won the case against my landlord, and got the ticket dismissed. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. The landlord of course is still being a complete horse ass about paying, so I’ll have to get the judgment enforced. But the important thing is that I wouldn’t have been able to help without your help and your firms help. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Please share this with your staff and I will send a thank you card in the mail soon. Do you have an address I can send it to? Thanks. - J.R.
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