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Transgender employees continue fight for legal protection

Individuals who are transgendered have long endured discrimination in every aspect of their lives, including in the workplace. Unfortunately, until recently, many of the legal remedies provided to other employees who suffer workplace sexual harassment and discrimination did not apply to transgender people. Consequently, there was very little a transgender employee who was forced to endure inappropriate and hateful comments or outright discrimination could do with regard to filing an employment lawsuit.


Partner Dan Stormer was recently featured in the 2015 Southern California Super Lawyers Magazine. In the article Mr. Stormer details his work over the past 40 years ranging from his start at the Colorado Rural Legal Services office to arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court to his current battle against the City of Los Angeles. No matter who or what Mr. Stormer is standing up for, the goal remains the same, to "fight[...] for people who need help". To read the full article, click on the link below.

Acts of religious discrimination against Muslim Americans common

The United States has long upheld itself as a cultural melting pot. However, in recent years some contend the pot is nearing its boiling point as conservative politicians and media outlets continue to take aim at immigrants and minority groups. Muslims in the United States have especially been targeted as some continue to perpetuate misinformation and fears about individuals who are part of the Islam faith.

Standing up for the rights of employees who have suffered sexual harassment

Under ideal circumstances, an individual employee should be judged solely based upon his or her work performance and product. However, in the real world, employees in all industries and at all levels routinely confront discrimination, harassment and hostilities related to their sex, religion, nationality, age, disability and sexual orientation.

Gender discrimination in the workplace

Prior to the 1960s, many U.S. women did not pursue career opportunities outside the home. Fast forward 50 years and things have changed considerably and today more than 57 percent of women age 16 and older work outside the home. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, as of 2013 more than 127 million women age 16 and older were part of the American workforce.

Legal protections afforded to employees with physical and mental disabilities

According to the Pew Research Center, an estimated 27 percent of Americans age 18 and older have a physical or mental disability that "interferes with activities of daily living." Whether an individual is born with a physical or mental disability or a disability is the result of a later-in-life injury or medical condition, many disabled adults experience challenges in both attaining and retaining jobs.

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