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Study examines link between sexual orientation and pay

The disparities in pay among working U.S. men and women are often highlighted when discussing cases of employment discrimination against women. Less discussed, however, are the disparities in pay that exist between gay and heterosexual employees.

CVS at center of class-action racial discrimination lawsuit

From big retail chains like Target to a small mom and pop-run grocery store, all companies and business owners must take measures to prevent loss of profits via theft. When discussing problems related to theft by employees, members of the public and accounting mistakes in the retail industry, the National Retail Federation uses the term inventory shrinkage. During 2011 alone, the NRF reports that U.S. retailers suffered losses totaling roughly $345 billion due to inventory shrinkage.

Employee vs. independent contractor: why employment designations matter

By now, many Los Angeles area residents have likely heard about and may have even used the rideshare service known as Uber. Founded in 2009, today the San Francisco-based rideshare service company can be found in "hundreds of cities" across the U.S. Through an app-based system, individuals in need of transportation can summon an Uber driver who uses his or her own vehicle to transport a customer to his or her desired location.

Are you being exploited at your unpaid summer internship?

The summer months are again upon us and many college students are likely gearing up to start a new summer internship. For today's college students, internships are considered a must in terms of gaining experience and securing a job post-graduation. While internship duties may have once consisted of copying documents, answering phones and making coffee runs; today’s interns are often expected to fulfill the same requirements as other full-time employees.

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