Parking Facilities Operator Accused Of Statewide Wage Violations

Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick currently represents a statewide class of current and former employees of ABM Industries and AMPCO System Parking. AMPCO operates 680 parking facilities in California. The locations range from small and large retail complexes to airports, and consist of anywhere from 10 to more than 10,000 parking stalls. AMPCO employs approximately 3,500 hourly employees at these locations, including valets, attendants, cashiers, and maintenance workers. The employees allege that management at AMPCO systematically failed to pay its employees overtime compensation required by California law. The Plaintiffs also allege that Ampco failed to pay them for all of their hours worked, including failure to pay overtime compensation, failed to provide them and the meal and rest periods as required by the applicable California IWC Wage Orders, failed to pay them compensation required by the California Labor Code for missed meal and rest periods, failed to pay the statutory minimum wage, failed to keep accurate records as required by law, failed to pay employees who resigned or were terminated the wages due to them at the time they left their employment with Defendants, and failed to comply with other legal requirements. The Plaintiffs were routinely denied the ability to leave their posts to take their legally required meal and rest breaks, and in many cases were denied the ability to even use the restroom. Plaintiffs further allege that when hourly employees of Ampco requested breaks, they were consistently instructed by their supervisors that rest and meal breaks were not permitted if customers needed assistance and no other employee was available to relieve them.

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