Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Filed Against California Bank

California is no stranger to workplace discrimination cases. Now, a former employee of the La Costa branch of Union Bank has filed a lawsuit claiming that the bank is guilty of harassment and age discrimination, which, she alleges, led to her wrongful termination.

The former employee claims that she was hired at the branch office in 2008 to work as the vice president in the priority banking unit. The woman had been with the bank for 17 years but claims that work conditions changed for the worse when she transferred to the La Costa branch.

The lawsuit was filed in San Diego Superior Court. It claims that her supervisor unfairly harassed her. She asserts this was done with threats of being fired, unit closure and performance complaints. Her lawsuit claims that the harassment became so intense that she asked about options concerning early retirement. After asking about those options, she claims the bank hired someone younger to take her position and that she was forced into retirement, even though she had decided against early retirement.

Her lawsuit contains a variety of allegations, including breach of employment contract, hostile work environment, age discrimination and failure to prevent discrimination. It is not known if the bank or the branch unit have remarked on the pending lawsuit. It is not known if the woman is asking for a jury trial or not.

In California, wrongful termination is often grounds for workplace lawsuits. Those who believe that they have been the victims of discrimination may wish to speak with an experienced employment law attorney. These professionals can explain the current law and may be able to offer legal advice on how to proceed. It is important to remember that workplace harassment does not have to be tolerated, and there are remedies for holding people accountable for their actions.

Source: 10 News, “Ex-Employee Sues Bank, Claims Harassment,” Oct. 31, 2011

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