Office Romance Could Lead To Sexual Harassment In California

Offices are filling up with millennials, who see the world very differently from their older counterparts. A new survey recently released shows that millennials, aged 18-29, are more likely to have a romantic relationship with a coworker. This is probably because many of them, 84 percent, say they would if the right person was there. Forty percent of them say they would date their supervisors.

This study brings of a great question for new hires in businesses. Although your company may have California sexual harassment procedures, do you know what your company’s policy is on dating coworkers? Many millennials say they aren’t sure what the policy is.

This matters because the study highlights the need to educate young people on sexual harassment. They should understand what sexual harassment is and how to identify it in coworkers. Sexual harassment is always serious and shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace.

Although many young millennials don’t think office romance is a bad thing, sexual harassment and favoritism because of relationship should not be tolerated. This can make victims and other around the office feel unsafe and unhappy with their jobs.

Businesses need to clearly outline definitions of sexual harassment in California and policies on how to handle it in the workplace. An employee has the right to feel comfortable in their job, and it is important that companies understand how sexual advances, real or perceived, affect another person’s wellbeing. Companies are responsible for making sure their employees are educated on and obey the policies that protect them and their coworkers. If someone feels they have been sexually harassed at work, they may be wise to speak with an employment law attorney.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Office Romances On The Rise Among Millennial Employees: Survey Says,” Rieva Lesonsky, April 9, 2012

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