California Workplace Discrimination: The Price Is Right For Model

A former ‘The Price is Right’ model has won her workplace discrimination case against producers. The woman worked for the show for seven years and claims she was barred from returning to work after she went on maternity leave. A California jury awarded the woman over $7 million dollars in the workplace discrimination case.

The woman had been trying for years to have children and finally became pregnant with twins. However, the executive producer was not pleased and bombarded her with questions about how long she would be willing to work and if she would continue to work if she became large during her pregnancy. She alleges co-workers called her derogatory names and stated she would damage the set with her pregnancy weight gain. Once she began to show, she claims producers stopped calling her at all.

After her maternity leave, she tried to return to the show but was ignored for months. She finally sued the production company and FremantleMedia North America claiming discrimination and wrongful termination. She was awarded over $7 million in punitive damages and will receive an additional $777,000 in actual damages.

When a California employee faces workplace discrimination for any reason, it may well be a violation of their legal rights. They have options available to them that could halt the discrimination and also result in a monetary award for damages sustained. Workers in a situation similar to the model may want to consult with a professional who can guide them to make the right legal decisions and help ensure they are able to work in an environment free of prejudice and discrimination.

Source: ABC News, “Former Price Is Right Model Awarded $7.7M in Termination Suit,” Jennifer Abbey, Nov. 22, 2012

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