California College Settles Second Sexual Harassment Suit In Year

Sometimes sexual harassment can be rampant throughout one organization. Over the last year, one California college has settled two sexual harassment allegations. The college paid out millions of dollars for to settle lawsuits that claim the same man sexually harassed women.

The lawsuits were for allegations that the man, who was a dean in the college and former vice president, sexually harassed an administrative assistant for six years. The woman was too afraid to come forward until recently because the man threatened poor performance reviews if she said anything about the unwanted advances.

No one should have to feel unsafe in their workplace. Sexual harassment can make it difficult for California residents to do their jobs, and this harassment can hurt a person’s mental health. Not only it sexual harassment illegal, but it hurts people’s potential in the workplace and makes them feel like they can’t contribute positively in their roles.

Given the amount of sexual harassment lawsuits against the same college, it appears that sexual harassment might be prevalent. Organizations should have policies that work to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and resources for people who have been harassed or have witnessed sexual harassment. Any advances or things that make a person feel uncomfortable in California workplaces that are non-consensual could be sexual harassment.

Speaking with an employment law attorney can help you figure out the best way to end unfair workplace practices that someone has been subjected to. Every person deserves a comfortable safe place to work.

Source: Contra Costa Times, “El Camino College settles 2nd sexual harassment suit against former dean,” Rob Kuznia, March 22, 2012

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