Federal Sex Discrimination And Harassment Suit In California

Women have been consistently in the workforce for decades and have even broken into professions that are traditionally male dominated. Despite this, many women in California still have to deal with sexual harassment and sex discrimination. When a company does not adequately deal with complaints, an employee can turn to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, and the courts for help.

Several female employees of Braun Electric Company, based in Bakersfield, filed complaints claiming that a particular manager continually harassed them over the course of two years. They assert that he subjected them to explicit sexual comments and gestures and even asked the women to perform sex acts with him. The EEOC has filed a lawsuit in federal court in California on behalf of the women. The lawsuit specifically alleges that, despite reports of the harassment, the company failed to effectively address the complaints and did not correct the problem.

It is not known what actions, if any, the company took against the manager claimed to be the cause of the complaints. According to the EEOC, at least one female employee quit her job in an effort to escape the harassment. The federal lawsuit will now proceed to the discovery stage and, absent a settlement, ultimately proceed to a determination on the merits of the claims advanced.

When an employee is subjected to harassment or sex discrimination, the best approach may be to make a formal complaint to the employer. Indeed, many companies have policies in effect to address these types of workplace problems. Nevertheless, if a complaint is not resolved to an employee’s satisfaction, there are options. Seeking advice and assistance with filing a complaint with the EEOC, and/or filing a lawsuit against an employer, may give the employee the best chance of achieving justice for unjust acts.

Source: The Republic, “Federal suit charges Calif. electric company with allowing harassment of female workers,” Sept. 28, 2012

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