HSR Attorney Dan Stormer Argues Before Ninth Circuit In Landmark Case, Dogan V. Barak

On April 12, 2018, Dan Stormer argued before the Ninth Circuit court of appeals in the landmark case Dogan v. Barak. In Dogan, the surviving parents of Furkan Dogan–an 18-year old American humanitarian activist murdered by the Israeli military during its 2010 attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla–seek to hold to account then-Minister of Defense Ehud Barak for these violations of international human rights. Attorneys for Defendant Barak and the U.S. Government urged the court to close its doors to Furkan’s parents by claiming that foreign government officials are immune for all “official acts,” while Dan Stormer highlighted Ninth Circuit precedent establishing that torture and extrajudicial killing can never be official acts. The panel, consisting of Judges Carlos Bea, Mary Murguia, and Stanley Bastian, will likely issue its Opinion in the coming months.
Ninth Circuit argument, 4-12-18:
Courthouse News: https://www.courthousenews.com/israeli-officials-immunity-for-us-citizens-killing-debated-at-ninth-circuit/Knock-LA: https://knock-la.com/us-9th-circuit-court-to-hear-case-of-human-rights-abuses-committed-by-former-israeli-prime-minister-672897b8c5a6Daily Journal: Daily Journal, 4-13-18, Dogan v. Barak.PDFPasadena Now: https://www.pasadenanow.com/main/pasadenas-ninth-circuit-hears-case-of-alleged-human-rights-abuses-by-former-israeli-prime-minister/#.WuOSiSIkvct
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