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Recently Released LAPD Body Cam Footage of Charly "Africa" Keunang Shooting Shows Officers Escalated Conflict

Body camera footage of the shooting of Charly "Africa" Keunang by the LAPD was obtained by the LA Times from court filings in the civil rights lawsuit brought by Mr. Keunang's family and released to the public on Monday, January 8, 2017, three years after the Skid Row resident was killed.

'Tis the season to be responsible

Over the past few months, sexual harassment in the workplace has become a national conversation. Each week another high profile member of the media or a celebrity is accused of inappropriate behavior. This reality, combined with the traditions of the holiday season (i.e. holiday parties), employees may be especially vulnerable to the trappings of frivolity that used to go unpunished.

Essentially, what used to be considered good after party gossip may now be seen as the basis for sexual harassment complaints. Nevertheless, holiday celebrations should not lead to job losses. As such, employees should be cognizant of the following holiday party rules. 

Bryan Singer fired amidst disputed absence from movie set

It’s not often that Hollywood directors encounter employment issues. After all, we tend to hear about them when they sign on to helm multi-million dollar films or are nominated for Oscar awards. However, the story surrounding director Bryan Singer’s recent firing exemplifies legal issues that many employees could possibly relate to.

According to a recent latimes.com report, Singer was relieved of his duties in directing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the upcoming biopic about Freddy Mercury, the frontman for the British rock group Queen.  20th Century Fox released a statement indicating that Singer was no longer the director of the film, which is still in production. 

HSR Reaches $4,150,000 Settlement on behalf of over 1,000 Workers at Flying Food Group Pacific

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ann Jones granted preliminary approval of a $4,150,000 settlement in a case filed by HSR on behalf of Plaintiffs Maria Aguilar, Francisco Cruz, Jose A. Joya, Andrea Lara, Rafael Leon, Raquel Leon, Guadalupe Martinez, Giliana Perez De Nima, and Susana Zelay, against Flying Food Group Pacific, Inc. ("Flying Food"). Flying Food provides in-flight catering and custom foods for airline clients at the Los Angeles International Airport. Flying Food prepares the food for its LAX airline clients at a large facility located on airport property and delivers these foods, beverages, supplies, and other provisions to its clients at LAX.

American Society of Legal Advocates Names HSR Attorney Barbara Hadsell One of Top 100 Litigation Lawyers in California for 2018

Attorney Hadsell was among just 1.5% of lawyers nationwide chosen for the honor. ASLA sponsors non-profit legal organizations and events recommended by members, and focuses on creating a community of talented attorneys across the U.S.

Terminated airline employee receives $1.3 million jury award

With all the negative publicity that airlines have endured this year because of how they have treated passengers, one would think that they would treat employees better. Based on a recent employmentlawdaily.com report, it appears that one airline may still need some sensitivity training.

A federal jury awarded a discharged employee $1.3 million dollars stemming from an Americans With Disabilities Act claim filed against Delta Airlines. The employee’s complaint alleged that he was denied an accommodation provided through the ADA when he fell ill due to complications from HIV. Specifically, he claimed that Delta’s medical insurance did not provide timely medication. 

Should you be paid overtime for small tasks?

With Thanksgiving dinner put away, more people are focused on Black Friday sales that start on Thursday night. This is the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season, and retailers have been preparing for the past two months by hiring additional help.

For those who are newly hired, it is natural to want to make a good impression and do as much as possible to earn kudos. Because of this, some employers may want employees to work “off the clock” by taking on seemingly simple tasks or like setting up displays or making last minute checks before a store opens.

Three things new employees must know

Being a new employee can be a tenuously enjoyable experience. On the one hand, you are focusing on fitting in and being part of a new workplace culture, on the other hand you may be concerned with making a good impression on your peers and justifying your salary.

While managing these feelings and navigating the workplace, it is important for new employees to understand that federal and state laws protect you at work. This is critical to understand because new employees often fall prey to overzealous employers ready to take advantage your desire to perform well at the outset.

Is change coming regarding sexual orientation discrimination?

In a prior post, we focused on the question of whether Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act could be extended to include sexual orientation as a protected class. At that time we opined that the quick answer would be “no” given that there had been no legislative push to expand the existing protected classes. Also, we noted that federal courts would be hesitant to expand the reach of a law without Congress’ blessing.

It appears that the winds of change are blowing in the direction of expansion. Earlier this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit issued an en banc decision that Title VII does in fact prohibit sexual orientation discrimination. It reasoned that treating people differently because they prefer one sex over another is the “epitome of gender stereotyping” and that such destructive preferences are exactly what is prohibited under federal law. 

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