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Preventing workplace harassment is critical

Various federal and state laws ensure a number of workers’ rights. Among these laws are many that protect workers from both unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. However, the mere existence of these laws does not always prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring in the workplace. As a result, it is imperative that employers, managers and workers all make efforts to ensure that harassment in the workplace is prevented and is appropriately addressed whenever it is not adequately prevented.

Is short paternity leave a form of gender discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination can take many forms. Women can be denied job security if they take maternity leave, they may be passed over for promotions or other opportunities for choosing to have children or they may be denied reasonable accommodations that will enable them to do their jobs throughout their pregnancies. At its heart, pregnancy discrimination is a form of gender discrimination. A recent lawsuit questions whether men seeking equitable paternity leave are also victims of gender discrimination.

Senate passes anti-discrimination bill to protect LGBT employees

Did you know that federal law allows employers to discriminate against employees or potential employees because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation? Despite several attempts over the last few decades to pass a law outlawing such discrimination in the workplace, none have passed. Last week, however, senators offered some hope that LGBT employees would finally protected.

California updates definition of sexual harassment

In 2011 a California man sued his former employer, a building supply company, alleging that his co-workers constantly harassed him about what they believed to be his sexual preference. The man's employer reportedly retaliated against him after he complained to supervisors.

Target to reduce impact of criminal history for job applicants

We've all been there: you find the perfect job and you prepare yourself to apply. You study the company and learn everything you can about it. You prepare your resume and send it in. Then, your hopes start soaring. "What if I get a call back?" you think. So now you start preparing for the hypothetical interview, getting answers memorized to potential interview questions. You start thinking about what your office will look like; how your nameplate will look; how much your coworkers will appreciate you. You know you can do all of this.

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