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Simple rules for those in office romances

Nothing can spark gossip in the office more than rumors of an office romance. After all, who doesn't like a love story that starts at work. When you really think about it, we spend a majority of our days in the office, and our co-workers can sometimes know us better than our family members and spouses.

Hadsell Stormer Wins Sanctions for Opposing Attorney's Abusive & Sexist Conduct

It is a sad reality of the legal system that the latent sexism that persists in society infects our profession much more than we are comfortable acknowledging. Yet the surprising lack of established case law concerning attorneys' sexism suggests such misconduct is far too often ignored. When given the opportunity to address a particularly blatant example of such misconduct in a case my law firm is litigating, me and my colleagues took it-both to punish the abusive behavior towards a member of our legal team, and to contribute to the building case law that takes a firm stance against discovery misconduct and sexist behavior. In Joshua Claypole v. County of San Mateo, et al., a federal civil rights action challenging the conditions of confinement and medical treatment of a mentally ill inmate in Monterey County, our co-counsel, Lori Rifkin, was on the receiving end of a sexist attack by our opposing counsel as well as a host of deposition abuses direct at her. We sought court intervention to punish the attorney for the misconduct. In response, the court issued a strongly worded order excoriating the attorney for his sexist remarks and his discovery malfeasance, and ordered us significant sanctions as a result. A copy of the motion filed and the judge's order are attached below. We are confident that our actions in seeking sanctions will set a strong precedent that such behavior by attorneys will not and should not be tolerated by other attorneys and by judges.

Am I a victim of sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment can be a stressful and traumatic experience that no one should have to endure while in the workplace. After all, we spend a great deal of our lives at work, so having to deal with demeaning, disrespectful, and of course, illegal treatment can cause a great deal of strife in one's life.

Questions that job interviewees should be aware of

For all the doom and gloom that has come with the stock market this year so far, one bright spot has been ignored. Hiring for December was better than expected, and the overall growth with regard to hiring through 2015 signifies that the employment market is changing for the better.

What interviewees should know about background checks

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find a new job (or to get one in general), you are certainly not alone. After all, hiring is expected to continue even if it is not at a robust pace. For jobseekers, this means that interviewing and background checks will be especially important. Because of this, knowing how background checks work and how they can affect your future employment is essential.

Could you be underpaying in taxes?

During this time of year, it appears that retailers and employees are definitely reaping the benefits of their hard work. Between all the returns and the gift cards that are given as gifts, this week is arguably the most profitable week of the year, even though it is the last week of the year.

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