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Comprehensive Employment Law Representation

At Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP, we are resolute in the pursuit of justice for workers across all industries, sectors, professions and types of labor. Our decades of experience include groundbreaking, high-value victories across the spectrum of employment law, and we stand prepared to offer counsel and representation in cases of:

Our California employment law lawyers represent employees/plaintiffs exclusively, and we do not hesitate to take on the largest and most powerful corporations and public entities. We have a well-earned reputation for taking all actions necessary to obtain just compensation for those injured by such powerful wrongdoers.

Call us to learn more about your rights as an employee by calling 626-381-9261 or 866-457-2590.

Decades Of High-Value Employment Law Struggles And Victories

While numbers can never tell the whole story, money is often the one tangible remedy available to help restore our clients’ well-being. Many of our successes in employment law and related areas have resulted in significant financial settlements and verdicts. Many have also ventured into new legal ground, as in our domestic slavery and religion discrimination cases.

Prioritizing Your Security, Future And Privacy In All We Do

If you are considering coming forward and pursuing a lawsuit against an employer, you need to be able to trust the counsel your attorney provides. We are attuned to your concerns about risk and retaliation, and we know that protecting your privacy to the greatest possible extent may also be a priority in your case.

Whether your case involves discrimination in any form, harassment, retaliation against you for telling the truth, financial abuse or a combination of these issues, you can turn to our firm with confidence. We offer a free legal case review to hear you out and evaluate your potential claims.

Negotiation Of Severance Agreements

Sometimes the best way forward is to negotiate the best possible severance agreement and move on without filing a lawsuit. Our widely respected attorneys can help you get the most value out of an agreement with your former employer through confidential, private negotiation.

For a free evaluation of your potential employment law, civil rights or class action case, we invite you to contact us.