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Earning Compensation For Unpaid Wages, Overtime & Break Claims

Some of our widely respected employment law firm’s hardest-fought victories have benefited hourly workers who were systematically denied full, fair compensation and basic workplace rights. We have filed numerous successful class action lawsuits against large retail chains, service companies, major industrial corporations, and entertainment and media companies that engaged in unfair, illegal labor practices.

Is Your Employer Refusing To Follow The Law To Save Costs And Increase Profits?

Many corporations try to skirt California and federal wage and hour laws and deny workers their legal rights involving:

  • Payment of the state or federal minimum wage
  • Payment of overtime wages
  • Requirements for “working off the clock,” including refusal to pay for time spent donning and doffing uniforms or being transported to work locations
  • Rest and meal breaks
  • Proper classification and compensation of workers according to their status as exempt employees, nonexempt employees or independent contractors

Turn To Proven, Groundbreaking Employment Litigators

Our Southern California wage-and-hour attorneys have championed the causes of many groups of California workers and earned substantial positive outcomes such as:

  • A $22.4 million settlement for janitors denied minimum wage and overtime pay when working for several California supermarket chains, including Albertson’s and Ralph’s
  • In 2007, a $6.5 million settlement on behalf of a class of more than 4,000 hourly employees at 19 hotels in California with claims of unpaid overtime and missed meal and rest breaks (Navarro v. Pacifica Hosts Hotels Inc.)
  • In 2010, a $5.2 million settlement for 5,000 construction trade employees with claims of unpaid overtime and missed meal and rest breaks
  • A jury verdict and court-awarded damages exceeding $5 million for approximately 200 hourly employees of Chinese Daily News
  • A $4.9 million settlement to compensate Tyco International production workers for unpaid overtime and meal and rest break violations
  • In 2010, a $3.9 million settlement for food service employees, including hourly workers at Staples Center and Angel Stadium
  • In 2008, a $3 million settlement for wage and break claims on behalf of hourly hotel workers at Westin LAX hotel (Soto v. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.)
  • In 2007, a $975,000 settlement on behalf of 800 hotel employees with claims of unpaid wages and missed breaks (Amaro v. the Ritz-Carlton, Huntington Hotel & Spa)
  • In 2010, certification of a class of more than 8,000 parking lot employees for their employer’s failure to provide meal periods (Diaz v. ABM Industries Inc.)

Cases like these illustrate how widespread illegal labor practices are across California and show the importance of empowering hourly workers through information and legal action.

For a free evaluation of your potential employment law, civil rights or class action case, we invite you to email us or call 626-381-9261 (local) or 866-457-2590 (toll free).