Fired California Police Officer Files Wrongful Termination Suit

A former police officer is suing the city he worked for, alleging that he was improperly terminated from his position. The wrongful termination suit filed in a California court alleges that the police officer was fired due to his voicing concern about the chief of police. The officer was fired in 2010 after he had been investigated by internal affairs.

The officer claims that the chief made it clear that his employment would be secure as long as he adhered to the chief’s rules. The officer also alleges that he was denied his request to work on light duty due to a medical issue from which he suffered. This denial is alleged to have occurred even though another officer was granted the same form of relief.

It is alleged by the officer that the internal affairs investigation was merely a way to discipline the officer for his speaking out against the chief. The suit does not spell out the damages suffered by the officer or the compensation he seeks. No comment has been made by city representatives as to the merits of the case or when they intend to file their formal reply in court.

California police officers have a difficult job in attempting to enforce the laws of their particular city or town. This job can be made significantly more difficult if there are circumstances that lead to an officer believing that they cannot voice their opinion for fear of getting fired. If such circumstances do arise, an employee may benefit from receiving advice that can inform them as to what their employment rights are and whether a wrongful termination action may be plausible under the particular facts and circumstances of their case.

Source: Santa Maria Times, “Ex-officer sues department, claims wrongful firing,” Samantha Yale Scroggin, Aug. 10, 2012

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