Los Angeles Elementary School Teacher Sues For Wrongful Termination

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. When someone suspects illegal behavior, especially when involving a child, it is important that the person tells the proper authorities. Being fired for reporting illegal activity shouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, one teacher at a Los Angeles elementary school says she reported signs of illegal sexual behavior by another teacher toward students, and the reporting teacher was wrongfully terminated as a result of her actions. She has now filed a lawsuit against the school district after she says they told her that her performance was fine until she started investigating the incidents with the other teacher.

The woman reported the abuse to the school as well as the Department of Children and Family Services as required by law. The woman had a duty to report the incidents she was informed of to the proper authorities. In doing so, it seems that she may have been wrongfully terminated by her Los Angeles school.

Employees who report abuses can sometimes feel like they will be either ignored or retaliated against for their actions. To avoid embarrassment for the organization, the employer might fire an employee even though that person was acting within the duty of the laws and their employment.

People shouldn’t have to feel like they are going to be fired for doing the right thing. Employees have rights that protect them from getting fired for things that they are legally obligated to do. When these rights are violated, it might be wise for an employee to contact an employment law attorney.

Source: Daily Breeze, ” Former Inglewood charter school worker sues over firing,” Feb. 9, 2012

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