California Woman Claims Sexual Harassment Led To Termination

A woman who accused her employer of sexual harassment has filed a lawsuit in a California court. The woman is suing the hospital and a unit assistant responsible for training her. She claims she was approached by him and suffered sexual harassment when she was purportedly told by the man to view his genitals.

The woman was hired by the facility in 2001 and received a promotion three years later. The man she accuses of subjecting her to harassment was her trainer in the new position. She asserts that other employees suffered similar treatment by this man, but that when they complained, the facility failed to investigate or prevent future issues. The woman says she felt like complaining about the situation would not get result in any action.

Her husband became ill sometime after the incident and his doctor authorized her for three Family Medical Leave Act days per month to assist with his care. However, she claims she was fired after submitting an FMLA request and taking just two of the days off. Her boss claimed she had called in sick. The woman seeks monetary damages for sex discrimination and harassment, as well as for wrongful termination and other alleged violations of California’s Family Rights Act and the FMLA.

Kaiser Permanente appears to be familiar with such lawsuits. Reports indicate 46 employment claim suits were filed against it in 2012. Sexual harassment is illegal, and employees who feel their complaints are not being properly addressed have the right to seek recourse against their employers and those specifically involved. A successfully litigated claim could curb egregious behavior and provide financial reimbursement to the victims.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Worker Claims Kaiser Fired Her Unfairly,” Philip A. Janquart, Dec. 20, 2012

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