Former Employee Sues Disney For Workplace Discrimination

Disney is known for Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. This seems like another world which is full of magic and making one’s dreams come true. In a story that is no fairy tale, however, California-based Disney is being sued by a film editor who is claiming age and race workplace discrimination. The lawsuit also names the “Muppets” movie editor in the suit.

The employee claims that she was treated differently by Disney due to her being Asian and over the age of 40. After she voiced her opinions, she was fired. Shortly afterward, a male employee with much less experience was promoted to her old position. However, Disney had allegedly stated to Hyoun that her position had been done away with entirely. In the lawsuit, Hyoun is seeking mental and emotional distress damages due to the alleged racial and age discrimination.

In addition to mental and emotional distress, Hyoun is seeking compensation for lost wages, sick pay and vacation pay. Previously, she turned down offers from other motion picture companies because she thought that this would be a long-time project. Now, Hyoun is out of work and apparently fears being blackballed in Hollywood. Along with the derogatory comments made about her race, the complaint states that Thomas made negative comments about other women who were on the production team.

In the state of California, it is unlawful to for an employer to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, and age. There are many other areas of the California labor laws that protect employees against discrimination. In this situation, it is claimed that Disney discriminated against Hyoun based on her race, gender, and age. A jury will now consider the facts and decide whether her workplace discrimination claims are true.

Source:, “Disney Sued For Harassment & Discrimination By ‘Muppets’ Editor,” Dominic Patten, June 5, 2013

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