Feel Like You Need To Nap At Work? Read This Post

With how early we get up in the morning, and how late at night we go to bed, it is natural to feel like needing a nap during the day. That’s why many workers (especially in the tech industry) swear by their coffee breaks. Some employers acknowledge this and welcome coffee chains such as Starbucks and Caribou in their workplaces.

But sometimes a good old fashioned power nap may be necessary. A recent Bloomberg.com report highlighted a law firm that actually encourages midday naps. The firm recently established a spa-like room where two “napping pods” reside. The room is dimly lit and the pods (made of steel and fiberglass) are separated by Japanese folding screens. 

Employees normally go to a napping pod for about 20 minutes, although they are allowed to have shorter (or slightly longer) sessions if needed. They also report a growth in morale because of the room. The firm also acknowledges that it has the potential to boost employees’ productivity, health and overall mood. The pods’ manufacturer reports that the law firm was the first legal services provider it has worked with, but also reported that several hedge funds and insurance companies have added them to their offices. The names of these companies were kept anonymous because of the social stigma of sleeping on the job.

Nevertheless, the idea of encouraging naps is a novel idea, even though it is traditionally frowned upon. However, before nodding off in the office, it is important to understand your employer’s policies on breaks and relaxation periods. 

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