HSRD Attorneys File Class Action Lawsuit Against Airline Caterer Sky Chef

HSRD partners Randy Renick and Cornelia Dai filed the case on behalf of Sky Chef employees, in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, December 11. The suit alleges that the employees have been underpaid for their overtime hours since January 1, 2019, and are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime pay. The suit alleges that the Sky Chefs actions are a “systematic, widespread and flagrant violations of these laws.” 

Randy Renick maintained “I think the company knew what they were doing because workers brought this to their attention numerous times over the past year, but they continued to short their wages. This was… intentional and willful.” He said 500 to 900 airport food-service workers have been affected. . Damages include reimbursement of unpaid overtime hours, with interest, and attorneys’ fees and costs, which Renick says may amount to “a least a few million dollars.”