Former NASA Pasadena worker files wrongful termination suit

Many times coworkers engage in conversations that involve disagreements on beliefs. Most people don't expect to be fired for sharing their beliefs with other people, as long as they don't force them on coworkers. That's exactly what a former Pasadena NASA administrator says happened to him in a wrongful termination lawsuit that began this week. The man is fighting to protect his right to express his beliefs.

When the man voiced his belief in intelligent design, which says that some intelligent unit developed the universe because it is much too complicated for evolution to explain, he was isolated and eventually fired by his supervisors, according to a report.

By expressing views on personal beliefs, some people can become isolated by their coworkers, and supervisors are quick to diffuse potential controversial topics. In doing so, they may restrict an employee's ability to express their beliefs, violating their rights.

After spending over 15 years working hard for the organization, the man in this case now has to fight for his rights. Although the Pasadena based group that he worked with is saying he was part of a mass layoff, it could be possible he was wrongfully terminated because of his beliefs.

Employers sometimes use mass layoffs to try to eliminate employees that have been performing well, but maybe have beliefs that don't fit with the beliefs of their supervisors or coworkers. This wrongful termination tactic might get some people to just accept that they lost their job, but it is important that people who believe they have been treated unfairly work to protect their rights.

Source: CNN, "Terminated scientist claims bias against intelligent design," Stan Wilson, March 13, 2012

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Well that's just right, I see nothing wrong in that, he's just expressing his beliefs, I think his supervisor is just offended with his beliefs that's why. but on the other side this is totally wrong, supervisors basis was only "disagreement on beliefs".

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