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California workplace discrimination language lawsuit settled

Workers in California have received a huge settlement after filing a workplace discrimination lawsuit against their employer. The group of Filipino nurses filed the lawsuit in 2010 after claiming they suffered continuous harassment within the workplace virtually every time they spoke. The lawsuit involved 69 immigrant workers, and the group's lawyer claimed the workers were told that they could only speak English while in the hospital. The workplace discrimination lawsuit settlement is believed to be the largest language discrimination case in the United States' healthcare industry.

California law aimed at protecting religious rights of workers

The right of individuals to practice their religion is a basic right afforded to all who reside in the United States. However, when it comes to exercising the same religious rights in the workplace, many employers have limited their employees ability to do so by setting forth certain appearance guidelines that can conflict with an individual's religious beliefs. Such restrictions are about to be outlawed under a new California statute aimed at protecting the rights of workers concerning their appearance when it is tied to their religious beliefs.

Can a formal complaint stem a California class action lawsuit?

There are a large number of complaints that are filed in and emanate from workplaces here and across the country each year. These complaints are usually filed when a California employee feels like they have been treated unfairly. However, a formal complaint recently filed in another state has alleged that his civil rights have been violated due to new hiring laws that went into place long after the man began working for Wells Fargo Bank. The man's complaint may serve as the starting point of a class action lawsuit, which allows many employees who have been subjected to the same claims of discrimination, to seek relief before the courts. If class action status is achieved and it is proven that the man was victimized discriminatory policies in his employment, penalties and financial relief may apply.

Has sexual harassment touched California immigration agents?

California readers likely know that a head official appointed by the federal government is facing numerous complaints for her alleged sexual misconduct with employees. A lawsuit was filed by an employee of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement alleging that he was subject to sexual harassment by the agency's chief of staff, Suzanne Barr. The lawsuit, which asks for approximately $4 million in damages, has led to other complaints being filed against the same woman.

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