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HSRR Sues LAPD for Brutal Assault on Innocent Man

On October 24, 2012, Dan Stormer and Joshua Piovia-Scott, of Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick, LLP, filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department on behalf of Bruce Faraon. Mr. Faraon, a 40 year old man who was born and raised in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, was brutally assaulted by the LAPD while walking home from work and then held in jail for five days despite his innocence. The attack took place in broad daylight front of Mr. Faraon's home and was witnessed, and videotaped, by Mr. Faraon's mother, friends and neighbors. The officers repeatedly struck Mr. Faraon in the face and body, tackled him to the ground, chocked him until he couldn't breathe and threatened to shoot him. Charges against Mr. Faraon for resisting arrest were dropped.

California class action lawsuit over human testing will be heard

It may seem like something straight out of science fiction, but a California judge has given the go-ahead for current and former military personnel who may have been experimented on by the government to join a class action lawsuit. The government has claimed that as many as 100,000 people were used for human experimentation between the years of 1922 and 1975. The class action lawsuit could lift the veil over soldiers who can now come forward and talk about what they experienced at the hands of the government.

Military members file sexual harassment suit in California

Nineteen men and women, all current and former active-duty military members, have filed a lawsuit in California alleging that their superiors subjected them to retaliation when they reported sexual harassment and sexual assault. United States Air Force and the United States Army leaders were named as defendants in the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Prominent Civil Rights Attorney Comments on Military Commissions Proceedings at Guantánamo Bay

Dan Stormer comments on the Military Commissions proceedings which are finally getting underway for prisoners being held at Guantánamo Bay.  http://www.neontommy.com/news/2012/10/guantanamo-bay-prisoner-advocate-condemns-911-trial.

HSRR Sues to Vindicate Rights of Workers at Holiday Inn LAX

On October 4, 2012, Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick, LLP filed suit against the owners and operators of the Holiday Inn LAX Hotel on behalf of the hourly workers, including housekeepers and servers. In the Complaint (viewable here - Complaint.10.4.12-Holiday Inn.pdf), the Plaintiffs allege that they were denied pay, overtime, meal and rest breaks in violation of the California Labor Code. In addition, they allege that the Hotel refused to reimburse them for equipment and materials they were required to buy to perform their jobs and that the Holiday Inn LAX failed to pay the Living Wage as required by the City of Los Angeles. If you have any questions about the lawsuit, please contact partners Randy Renick or Cornelia Dai.

HSRR Obtains Historic $950,000 Settlement in First Amendment Political Speech Case Against Orange County

Randy Renick and Joshua Piovia-Scott, of Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick, settled a First Amendment freedom of political speech case against the County of Orange and former Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona. HSRR filed a lawsuit on behalf of Lt. Jeff Bardzik of the Orange County Sheriff's Department, alleging that Bardzik's freedom of political speech rights were violated when he was retaliated against by former Sheriff Michael Carona for supporting Carona's opponent in the election for Sheriff. After securing a published decision from the Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit upholding Bardzik's claims and finding that Carona was not entitled to qualified immunity, the parties agreed to settle the case for $950,000, one of the largest settlements of its kind in the history of Orange County.

Federal sex discrimination and harassment suit in California

Women have been consistently in the workforce for decades and have even broken into professions that are traditionally male dominated. Despite this, many women in California still have to deal with sexual harassment and sex discrimination. When a company does not adequately deal with complaints, an employee can turn to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, and the courts for help.

California trucking company settles workplace discrimination suit

No worker should have to endure workplace discrimination. U.S. law guarantees citizens religious freedom and the right to a harassment-free workplace. Recently, a company operating six trucking depots in California agreed to settle workplace discrimination charges for $630,000.

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