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California wrongful termination: Storage Wars under fire

California fans of 'Storage Wars' may be familiar with the new drama surrounding the show. Dave Hester, one of the stars of the show, has filed a lawsuit against the production company, accusing it of breach of contract, wrongful termination, unfair business practices and other charges. He has accused A&E of defrauding the public and then firing him when he complained about it.

California restaurant fined for unpaid wages

California employees who don't receive their unpaid wages may be able to seek assistance through the courts. A restaurant in San Francisco has been hit with a $339,716 fine for unpaid wages, one of the largest settlements in 2012. The restaurant had many troubles and was the recipient of several citations issued against them concerning the unpaid money, overtime and for failing to provide itemized payroll statements for their 28 employees.

Data fears raised by Hadsell Stormer's lawsuit on behalf of JPL scientists--come true

In 2010, HSRR's Dan Stormer argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that NASA's  background checks of scientists (employees of government contractors) were unnecessarily invasive and violated their privacy rights.  The scientists who filed suit against NASA in 2007 feared that highly sensitive and private personal data about them could be compromised.  Two years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the scientists, the private personal data obtained by the U.S. Government in background checks was stolen from a government employee's car on Halloween.  The serious breach has received extensive coverage.

California VA employee files wrongful termination lawsuit

A former employee of the Veteran's Administration has filed a lawsuit in California, accusing the VA of wrongful termination. The employee went even further and claimed her employer was responsible for several cover-ups and showed a complete disregard for the plight of veterans. She filed the wrongful termination suit after losing her job when she advocated for a veteran whose application for benefits was denied by the VA.

California workplace discrimination: The price is right for model

A former 'The Price is Right' model has won her workplace discrimination case against producers. The woman worked for the show for seven years and claims she was barred from returning to work after she went on maternity leave. A California jury awarded the woman over $7 million dollars in the workplace discrimination case.

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