The Central District Grants Plaintiffs’ Motion In Class Action Wage And Hour Case

The Central District granted Plaintiffs’ motion to compel the names and contact information of all putative class members today in Alvarez v. Hyatt Regency Long Beach, CV 09-04791. Hotel workers at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach represented by HSRR’s Randy Renick and Radhika Sainathfiled a class action lawsuit in May 2009, alleging the hotel failed to pay them and other non-exempt employees for all hours worked, that they did not receive meal and rest breaks and were not paid for missed breaks as required by California law.

The Court found, in contrast to Hyatt’s arguments, that the disclosure of this information is “common practice” in the class action context and that an opt-out system was not necessary for both pragmatic and legal reasons. As such, Defendants were ordered to deliver this information directly to Plaintiffs’ counsel within two days.

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