Former Oakland City Administrator Sues City

In a case that’s currently pending in a California court, seemingly the only thing the two opposing parties can agree on in is the fact that Oakland City Administrator Deborah Edgerly was fired from her position with the city. Edgerly claims that she was fired due to her gender and alleges that the former mayor of Oakland, Ron Dellums, unfairly hired and granted promotions in favor of male employees. She’s filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the city.

However, the attorneys who represent the city claim that Edgerly’s lawsuit is a red herring, and that she was fired for her role in preventing Oakland police from searching the car of a family member who was suspected of being a member of a street gang. City representatives say Edgerly never complained of gender discrimination during her employment as evidence that her claims are unfounded.

There are many reasons why someone who is experiencing real or perceived gender discrimination in the workplace may hesitate to report the incident. They may fear retaliation from their employer, or simply feel uncomfortable about having to continue to work with their harasser while the investigation is taking place.

A California employment law attorney who has experience handling wrongful termination cases may be able to counter the notion that the non-reporting of an incident discredits its validity. Everyone has the right to go to work and do their job with the same rights and privileges as everyone else. Those who suspect their employer of engaging in gender discrimination shouldn’t hesitate to contact a knowledgeable California employment lawyer to discuss the specifics of their situation.

Source: The Mercury News, “Ex-employee sues city for wrongful termination,” Mercury News Staff, Oct. 18, 2011

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