Analysis Reveals Persistent Pay Gap Between Men And Women

Today, the earnings for women in this country are finally equal to the earnings of men…last year.

Women in the vast majority of occupations may find that they are paid up to 19% less than their male counterparts. According to recent analysis by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, not only do women earn less on average than men at the same jobs, but workers in female-dominated industries make less on average than in those where most workers are male. 

In retail, a female worker can expect to make just 64.3% of what her male counterparts do. If she’s also Latina, that number drops to 44.5%. Such stark disparities are also found for office clerks, drivers, first-line supervisors, sales representatives, and many other common professions.

These findings are an unfortunate reminder that even though wage discrimination is illegal, the impacts of the practice are still felt.

See the study here:

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