California Yoga Master Sued For Sexual Harassment

Women have made astounding advancements in the workplace in recent decades, and have opportunities that were simply not an option for their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. However, despite the prevalence of women is virtually every level of employment across a wide range of fields, many report instances of sexual harassment within the workplace. California law does not tolerate such behavior, and there are additional avenues of legal recourse available to anyone who is subjected to sexual harassment at work, regardless of their gender.

One recent example lies in the lawsuit filed by a woman who is accusing a well-known yoga master with discrimination, harassment and career damage. The woman met the male yoga pioneer in 2005 at a teacher training course he led. When they engaged in a working relationship, the woman claims that his conduct was inappropriate and unwelcome.

Her suit outlines instances in which the man-made inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature during yoga sessions. These interactions included sexual statements that were both unwelcome and unrequited. In addition, the woman claims that she has experienced career losses due to her efforts to fend off his advances.

As this case demonstrates, women still have a long way to go to achieve true equality within the California workplace. Sexual harassment is an issue that confronts many female employees, and in some cases the behavior warrants a legal response. It is hoped that the outcome of this lawsuit helps others feel comfortable confronting anyone who is treating them in a similarly inappropriate manner, and give them the courage to seek legal counsel when necessary.

Source:, “Yoga pioneer sued for sexual harassment,” March 23, 2013

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