More Women Accuse Mayor Filner Of Sexual Harassment

As many readers of this blog may already have heard, numerous people have come forward to accuse the mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, of committing sexual harassment. Recently, another female government employee, a psychologist from the Unified School District of San Diego, California has come forward accusing the mayor of trying to kiss her. She further stated that the mayor is guilty of sexual harassment because he made inappropriate comments about her eyes and then he attempted to place his lips on her mouth on four separate occasions. She also alleges that he refused to move his position unless she submitted to his sexual advances to kiss her.

In addition to the school psychologist’s accusation, a former staff member who worked for the mayor has come forward to say that he touched her buttocks on more than one occasion. Also, Filner’s former director of public communications, the first to make public claims of sexual harassment against the mayor, stated that the mayor asked her to work without wearing her panties and he put his arm around her in a headlock position while requesting kisses. She says that he also made sexual overtures to her. 

With the numerous sexual harassment claims that have already surfaced against the mayor, it seems that more women may come forward in the coming weeks. Frequently, cases of sexual harassment in California do not get reported until one person initially comes forward. This might happen out of fear of retaliation for reporting such behavior, or due to a certain kind of workplace culture that seems to permit it.

It is important for any victim of sexual harassment in California to know that powerful laws are at the disposal of those who have been harmed by this kind of impropriety. Compensation and justice is available to victims and no one should have to put up with sexual harassment on the job. Compensation may take the form of money for lost wages for those who lost their jobs after reporting sexual harassment. It may also include compensation for pain, suffering and psychological turmoil.

Source:, “Third woman accuses Mayor Filner of sexual harassment,” July 24, 2013

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