Sharon Stone Sued By Maid Over Wrongful Termination

Actress Sharon Stone is making headlines across California, but not for a role in a new hit movie. The star is being sued for wrongful termination and retaliation by a household employee. The case, which was recently filed, is likely to become contentious, as the actress has already issued statements to the press relaying her belief that the claims against her are ‘ridiculous’ and ‘bizarre.’

The employee who filed the suit worked as a maid in the home of the actress. The 55-year-old woman claims that she was injured in June 2012 while carrying groceries into Stone’s car. She asserts that her doctors advised her to take it easy and move to a modified duty position in her employment.

However, the domestic worker claims that Stone denied her request for bed rest and forced her to continue working through her injuries. She also claims that she was required to perform heavy lifting tasks, even while other able-bodied employees were available to perform those functions. She claims that the actress verbally berated her when she worked at a slower pace, and that she was eventually fired last fall.

However, Stone asserts that the worker was never fired, and that she remains insured as an employee. As the wrongful termination case makes its way to court, additional details may become available. A key factor will lie in the California worker’s actual employment status. For the time being, this case presents an example of the differing perspectives held by opposing parties in an employment dispute.

Source:, “Sharon Stone Sued by Former Maid for Wrongful Termination; Actress’ Lawyer Calls Suit ‘Bizarre and Ridiculous’,” Dexter Keyton, March 12, 2013

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