‘Storage Wars’ Wrongful Termination Lawsuit OK-Ed By Judge

For those who are not fans of the show, “Storage Wars,” which airs on the A&E channel, is a reality show that follows the auctioning of storage units that are no longer being paid for. One former cast member of the show, however, claims it is rigged.

To make the show more exciting, David Hester says A&E would allow antique dealers or others with valuable items to appear on the show if the items could be placed in the storage units. He added that producers would also hand out cash to some buyers who might not be able to afford the unit otherwise. In his wrongful termination lawsuit, Hester says these allegations are what got him kicked off the show.

A&E of course denies the claims. They said Hester is simply upset that negotiations regarding his contract did not work out in his favor.

Recently, however, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge told Hester and his attorneys that they could move forward with the lawsuit. He is seeking $750,000 in damages and may ask for additional punitive damages.

To be successful in this wrongful termination lawsuit, Hester will have to show that his belief that A&E was rigging the show was reasonable. He will not have to prove that it actually happened.

Being fired from your job for reporting wrongful or illegal conduct in the workplace is not acceptable, and sometimes it is illegal. Anyone whose termination was a breach of contract or wrongful for other reasons may be able to benefit from California’s wrongful termination laws.

Source: Inside Self-Storage, “Termination Lawsuit by Former ‘Storage Wars’ Star Hester Heads Toward Trial,” Sept. 11, 2013

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