Standing Up For The Rights Of Employees Who Have Suffered Sexual Harassment

Under ideal circumstances, an individual employee should be judged solely based upon his or her work performance and product. However, in the real world, employees in all industries and at all levels routinely confront discrimination, harassment and hostilities related to their sex, religion, nationality, age, disability and sexual orientation.

Thankfully, employees’ rights to fair and equal treatment are protected under U.S. employment laws and employers and co-workers who disregard these laws can be held accountable for their illegal actions. However, even though anti-discrimination and harassment laws exist, victims of such acts may feel overwhelmed, embarrassed and too scared to seek help and take legal action. This is often especially true in cases involving sexual harassment in the workplace.

Los Angeles area employees who have been the targets of unwanted sexual advances, physical touching and groping or suggestive comments made by a supervisor or co-worker would be wise to report such egregious acts to their company’s human resources department. In some cases, additional legal action may be warranted.

For 24 years, the employment law attorneys at Hadsell, Stromer & Renick LLP, have been fighting the good fight and protecting the rights of both women and men who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace. Our attorneys don’t shy away from controversy and have a successful track record of litigating sexual harassment cases involving employers both large and small.

We understand that individuals who have been the targets of sexual harassment have likely already suffered tremendous pain and embarrassment. Individuals who come to us for help in pursuing a sexual harassment case can be assured that our attorneys will do everything in their power to support an individual through this difficult time and work tirelessly to procure a favorable outcome to any legal action taken on one’s behalf.

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