Tips For Pregnant Employees

Maintaining a job in today’s economy may be easier than it has in past years. However, if you are a pregnant woman, the road may still be considerably difficult. This is because not every employer understands the rules governing pregnant workers and may take actions that are against the law. Because of this, it is important for pregnant workers to protect themselves against unscrupulous employers.

This post will provide some helpful tips.

Know what the handbook says – It is likely that there is an employee handbook that explains a pregnant employee’s rights and options. If there is no handbook, it is important to talk with your HR rep and your supervisor to discuss your needs and medical limitations.

Know how large your employer is – Federal anti-pregnancy discrimination laws apply to employers who have at least 15 employees. This includes the Family Medical Leave Act, which may also apply to employers who have at least 50 employees working within a 75 mile radius. So before understanding what laws may apply to you, it is important to do a headcount.

Keep everyone informed – There may be instances where you will need time off simply to deal with the unexpected aches, pains and nausea that comes with a pregnancy. In the event you exhaust time off, there may be ways to craft agreements to that prevent adverse actions from being taken against you. But this may not happen without open communication.  

While the preceding is not legal advice, it hopefully can help you avoid the need to take legal action to remedy pregnancy discrimination. In the event that it does not, an experienced employment law attorney can advise you.

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