Things To Avoid After Being Fired

Even before the phrase “you’re fired” became a household catchphrase through “The Apprentice” millions of workers would face the unfortunate reality that their employment would be terminated. Let’s face it, being fired is no fun; regardless of whether you love or hate your job (or your boss).

Being let go can lead to a range of emotions, and the feelings that come about have been compared to losing a loved one. While there may be some legal issues behind your dismissal, there are a number of things that you should avoid doing after being fired. This post will highlight a few.

Be unprofessional – It may be easier said than done, but you should avoid letting your emotions get the best of you and go on an in-office tirade, letting loose on everyone. People may not know (or remember) that you were fired, but they will remember if you throw a temper tantrum afterward.

Announce that you will sue – Even if you are absolutely sure that your potential case has merit, announcing that you will sue your former company leaves a bad impression (similar to the temper tantrum we alluded to earlier). If you choose to bring suit, let the next communication be from your attorney.

Lie about the situation – As noted earlier, not everyone will remember (or care) that you were fired from your last position unless it was for some type of ethical violation or a criminal offense. Remember that prospective employers are more interested in whether you are qualified for the job, rather than finding reasons to disqualify you. But if you are dishonest, that will automatically disqualify you for a job.

If you have additional questions about your legal options after being fired, an experienced employment law attorney can help.

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