Press Coverage Highlights Ageist Discrimination and Harassment Lawsuit Against Mattel

My News LA has highlighted the age discrimination lawsuit filed by civil rights firm Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP on behalf of Bernard Grisez against Mattel, Inc. The coverage highlights the barrage of ageist taunts and harassment that Mr. Grisez was subject to over the course of his nearly two decades at Mattel. My News LA highlighted a 2018 incident alleged by Mr. Grisez wherein his co-worker photoshopped Mr. Grisez’s face onto the photo of veteran comedy actor Don Knotts with white hair who played an elderly subservient character in the television show “Three’s Company.” This insulting and hurtful image was taped around public areas in the Mattel office. As the article notes, Mr. Grisez consistently performed exemplary work, but despite this, Mattel refused to promote Mr. Grisez to a permanent employee, depriving him of the attendant benefits and protections, even as it continued to promote younger and lesser experienced workers over Mr. Grisez and ultimately terminated him due to his refusal to accept these hostile working conditions.

The full article, entitled Former Mattel Set Builder Sues Company for Age Discrimination, is available here on’s website.

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