Unpaid Wages A National Problem, California No Exception

Unpaid wages are a concern all over the United States, not just here in California. While learning more about the wage and hour concerns of workers in other areas will not solve California’s wage and hour law issues, it does help shed light on the fact that employment law issues are a widespread problem. For employees in California, recognizing and understanding wage and hour laws may help prevent stress when addressing unpaid wages.

Recently, news from the Longhorn state has confirmed that workers there will recover more than $6 million in unpaid wages this year. According to a spokesman for the TWC (Texas Workforce Commission), the goal is to inform workers that wage claims deserve investigation. If a worker believes he or she has not been paid for work done, presenting the wage claim to the TWC will ensure a thorough investigation is done. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the worker could very well recoup unpaid wages.

Laws in the state of Texas are designed to protect employees from wage and hour violations. Thankfully, the great state of California is no exception. There are laws in place to help workers in California recoup unpaid wages when deserved.

Unfortunately, many employees are unaware of their rights. The good news is there are a number of legal representatives who have put hours of education and experience into understanding wage and hour laws as they pertain to unpaid wages. You deserve to be paid for work you’ve done. A lack of understanding when it comes to your rights under the umbrella of the law should not stop you from reaping the benefits you so rightly deserve.

Source: KUHF News, “Texas Workers Recover $6.3 Million In Unpaid Wages Under Payday Law,” Andrew Schneider, June 13, 2013

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